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Reminisce With Me

...through the Years in Fandom

6 April
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I am a dinosaur in Star Trek and media fandom. Still walking the earth. Or, some days, crawling the earth. I'm a baby boomer, and I lived my whole life, until 4 years ago, in Baltimore, MD, where we called everyone "hon" and ate steamed blue crabs in the summer. Now I'm a Georgia peach, living in Savannah and eating pecan pie.

I'm a newcomer to LJ, a somewhat reluctant member of this newfangled system, but am enjoying sharing my memories of the early days of fandom. My journal is called, "Reminisce With Me...Through the years in fandom", and I hope to inform and entertain the younger or later-to-fandom people here, and also to hopefully reconnect with any other older souls out there. They're all just personal remembrances and my caveat is that I may not always be 100% accurate.

If you're a stranger, I'd be glad to meet you and to say "Hi, y'all!" So don't be shy. "Life is a banquet, and some poor suckers are starving to death!"

Or, in the immortal words of Debbie Novotny: "Mourn the losses, for they are many. But celebrate the victories, for they are few."